Okay guys i’m gonna leave in 20 minutes to catch a boat and to go to the NZ South Island !
Yeah it’s 1 am but hey cheaper boat 8D
Sooo idk if i’m gonna have wifi there, probably not ‘cause it’s a roadtrip so no stable place to stay we’re not even sure of where we’re going 8D
I’ll take pics and write down what i’ll do so i can narrate everything when i’m back. Except a few to no updates during ten days !

Take caaaare


___ or ___?

stevebuckey asked: thor or bruce banner?

Waves are but water. Wind but air. And though lightning be fire…yet it must answer thunder’s call.

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Sebastian Stan getting emotional about his mother…

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Fan: [talking about Sebastian’s favorite comic Bucky arc] No love for the gulag where he takes his shirt off and fights a bear? 

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Interviewer: So have you learned anything about each other on this trip? 
Anthony: His favorite fruit is raspberries. 
Sebastian: It’s blueberries. (x)

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↳ Bucky struggles with his memories and looks up on the internet what damage the Winter Soldier -he- has done.

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2014 Recipe For A Good Marvel Film:

Take one hot guy named Chris and add a talking raccoon with a gun.

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♥ raúl esparza ♥ 

 raúl esparza ♥ 

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Another rumor about a new movie.
I hope at least one of this rumors will soon become reality!

"Paramount is not playing around. They’re currently pursuing two huge names – one red hot actor and another legendary producer/director to head their new action film ALPHA about a special forces team sent to rescue hostages in South America.
Chris Hemsworth is currently their top pick to play Lieutenant Leon Bielski, the military commander leading the rescue platoon.”

Team Sassy Science (living up to its name)

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